BISA will help you to find local partner or distribution partner in Indonesia.

Simple & Impactful
  • 1. You provide checklist of requirement contains criteria for preferred potential local partner
  • 2. BISA will identify and contact the potential local partners that closely suits the requirements
  • 3. BISA will summarize a report describing approximately 8 (minimal 5) screened local partners profiles
  • 4. You will select 3 most preferred potential local partners from the qualifiers
  • 5. BISA will arrange call meetings between you and each 2 preferred local partners in BISA office
  • 6. You will decide your preferred potential local partner you want to meet
  • 7. BISA will arrange seperate meeting in Singapore for you to meet the potential local partner
  • 8. One of BISA director will be present to help with the negotiation for the first meeting (in Singapore)
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